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Animal Safari Adventure

Our class activities this week will include our animal safari adventure and we will work on our balancing, coordination, and catching skills with bean bags. I think it is time to break out the tunnels for some ever-popular tunnel time as well. Have a great week everyone!

JumpStart! at Tumbleweed Recreation Center

Come Join Coach Ryan at Tumbleweed Rec on Nov 21st at 9:00am. This class is open to all children from ages 2 through younger school-age children. Feel free to share this invitation with your friends and neighbors.

The Saturday session will be jam packed with your child’s favorite JumpStart! activities. Parents are welcome to participate as well!

Safe and Appropriate Places to Play

I will continue talking about sports this week, but will specifically discussing safe and appropriate places to play. Should we play soccer in the house? Should we play in the street? How about near windows? Should we play rough and bump into other kids? Sports are great but kids should always be reminded to play safe. Have a great week everyone!!!

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